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Altair POS

Attainable Autonomy

Altair POS is a low cost PIN pad which allows you to administrate the payment of fuel and other convenience products to be made by fleet cards. Altair POS has been designed for being used like a loyalty system, without the necessity of having another terminal in the shop.

Mod. Vx680

Altair POS works with total autonomy, making transactions with the Arcadia OpenCard Cleaning Centre, transmitting and receiving the necessary information for the credit management and the loyalty programs to individual and fleet clients.

Altair POS Altair POS permits payments with on line authorization to control, in real-time, the risks of this kind of operations. Optionally, it can work coordinated with Open POS, and it permits the connection with the pumps and the management from the fore court. In this case, includes the option of performing cash collections on the forecourt and issuing the corresponding receipt or invoice.

The Altair POS version addressed to petrol stations and service areas that do not have Open POS, allows independent use by a simple manual data entry required for the payment (number of dispenser, amount, etc.).

Altair POS can identify media by reading magnetic stripe or radio frequency. Allows recognition of tags using tag and RFID keyrings readers. Altair Pos incorporates a barcode scanner that permits to print them in EAN-13 format.

Altair POS is available in three different terminal versions: with Ethernet connection, wireless or GPRS.