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Autopago Elite

The OPT at the best price

Autopago ELITE is the OPT that allows operating in one or more fuel dispensers without being situated next to them.

Its autonomy and low cost make it the perfect choice for supply centers, cooperatives, transport centers, etc.

Thanks to its customized and flexible operational, our ELITE OPT is versatile. It allows messaging, buttons and operative orders configuration, thus adapting to each clients way of working.

With Autopago ELITE you can control the entire petrol station (10 dispensers) from one terminal.

It is built in a solid structure and its screen has a security anti-vandal glass. It has a built-in lighting system that makes the reader and the keyboard always visible.

ELITE brings to the petrol station's industry  a simple and handy operational for users, interacting with them in a simple, friendly way.