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Electronic labels

Reliability and Vanguard

Modern electronic tool that replaces paper labels, optimizing the labeling system and ensuring time and costs savings.

The Electronic Labeling system allows the addition and automatic, remote update of the product's prices of the convenience store, thus eliminating the expensive operational inefficiencies that entail the control and substitution of old paper labels. The changes in the figures displayed are done from the business database, using an infrared system.

Electronic Labels increase client's trust as its guarantees the prices uniformity and updating, as well as it makes your business project a leading, elegant and reliable image. The visual impact and the perception of professionalism that the customer receives leads to a direct increment in sales.

Electronic Labels enables the classification of products or offers by the use of colors and feature proprietary grips with high functional performance. They are available in two different formats in order to meet the space requirements on each shelf.