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Open POS in the palm of your hand

MOVILGAS is a revolutionary hand held terminal that combines all the power of Open POS and the most advanced mobile technology based on PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).


By using MOVILGAS, your petrol station will have a multimedia POS that weights no more than 200grs, from where you would be able to complete any of the functions already included in Open POS. As it operates together with Open POS, any status change would be showed simultaneously in both systems. It controls the reception of items, real-time stock status, labels printing and stock information, prices, etc.

MOVILGAS brings functionality and mobility to your business, focusing all the Open POS options in a light-weighted and easy-to-use terminal that can be used anywhere in the petrol station and that can be also configured for its use in different petrol stations.

MOVILGAS installation is immediately performed in those users who already have OPEN POS.