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Open POS

Easy. Robust. Unlimited.

Open POS is the POS exclusive for Services Stations. It has been developed based on top multimedia programming standards and it integrates different elements from a single check and operation point.

Open POS Multimedia allows to manage fuel and items sales by touching the corresponding icon or by reading the barcode of the items in the store. It can give services in time units, sale by weight using a scale or by using barcode labels. It handles concepts such as promotions and offers, 3x2 offers, happy hour, limited time offers, etc. It also considers the Service's Voucher issue (i. e. Car washes) in its sale as well as in its presentation. It allows the charge of sale operations where the customer gives discount vouchers which will be later consider in the cash audit.

Open POS can be connected to price panels outside the station, tank gauges, PDA devices developed by AIS for the full management of Service Stations and Convenience Stores, and to ARCADIA Suite, the web applications collection that enables you to know the availability of your operations and your business in real-time.