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Safe refuelling

Radiogas is a powerful and versatile mobile device that Avalon has developed combining all the functionality of Open POS with RFID (radio frequency identification).

The RFID tag is attached to the vehicle and it is protected by a system that makes impossible both duplication and forgery, as much as swapping it to another vehicle. It enables a quick identification and high reliability, as it ensures that the refuelling is made to the assigned vehicle.

Radiogas is designed to make credit transactions in Arcadia’s Open Card clearing centre, controlling on real time the risk associated with this kind of operations.

With Radiogas the station has a lightweight and easy to use terminal coordinated with Open POS, allowing any changes recorded by the PDA are simultaneously shown in both systems.

Our device allows you to perform all management tasks in the front-office area, such as collections of transactions on the forecourt, emulating a POS, managing dispensers, etc.