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Mobile Business Information

Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile Business InformationMobile Business Information is a modern business intelligence tool aimed at business management. It has been exclusively designed to be used in smartphones and digital tablets.

MBI lets you know, daily and from your mobile device, all aspects of the evolution of your company, using development graphics, comparative data by month and year, averaged values, filters by establishment or range choice, etc.


Business knowledge and the identification of the company’s strengths and weaknesses is the basis for any strategy designed to increase profitability and optimise production. MBI facilitates decision-making, since you can access the transaction data handled by the different Arcadia Suite applications quickly and in an easy-to-understand format. Mobile Business Information consolidates and centralises this information to display the evolution of your business in the palm of your hand, and always up-to-date.

MBI identifies the device used by the user to adapt the functionalities of its attractive interface to the particular characteristics, allowing easy interaction with the establishments’ indicators for sales, cash, orders and stock.