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EMV Payment Systems

Certified Security

EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) is the standard that allows secure interoperability between IC cards (with microchip) and credit and debit card payment terminals. AIS incorporates the EMV standard in all its payment systems, affording maximum protection against fraud.

We have our own gateway, meaning that communications are directly made to a centralised server that connects with the banks, reliably and quickly completing the transactions.


All our payment systems comply with the EMV security standard, using the latest technology to increase the security of payment collection operations and give greater control in approval of transactions without connection.

AIS’ EMV payment systems use SNCP (standardised solution to cipher track data), an end-to-end encryption solution that resolves the risks of fraud due to compromised card data, and which has been developed by the network of Spanish payment cards ServiRedSystem 4B and Euro 6000.

The use of our EMV payment systems is certified under the standards of the Redsys and CECA processing centres.

All our EMV payment systems comply with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) legislation standards, which ensures security in data processing or transmission during debit or credit card transactions.

The systems supplied by AIS, certified with EMV, are registered in the high security protocol Scenario 1, which guarantees that no payment card details are recorded or stored. This guarantees end-customer confidentiality.